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Fuzzy's Favorite Films of 2014

Top Films of 2014:
My Top Films this year:
#1: “Whiplash”: (Dir: Damien Chazelle).
"Whiplash" is such an amazing film in every way. The Directing, the Writing, the Editing, the Cinematography. The performances are outstanding.

A film about Talent, Ambition, Obsession. Pushing oneself beyond known abilities. - -Soaring above the rest.

"Whiplash" won both The Audience Award and The Grand Jury Prize at Sundance - an amazing feat.

Filmed more like a thriller than a film about music, it becomes a battle of wills between our protagonist [Miles Teller] and his mentor-[a truly amazing J.J. Simmons]. It is an exhilarating work from the start to it's adrenaline-rushing finish.

#2: “Boyhood”: (Dir: Richard Linklater).
A celebration of Life and being human. A simple story of growing up becomes profound and moving. Filmed over 12 years, the story and characters grow as the real-life filmmakers do, and the end-result is wonderful.

Richard Linklater is a talented, insightful director. I think the time has come to acknowledge his achievements.

3. “Calvary”: (Dir: John Michael McDonagh)
Beautiful, sad and scathing portrait of a simple priest struggling with his own humanity and trying to do good in a small sinful town.

A truly great performance by Brendan Gleeson and a portrait of the True Power of Forgiveness. It is a film of Faith, of Doubt and Transcendence.

4. “Birdman” (Dir: Alejandro González Iñárritu)
Michael Keaton shines in this fascinating exploration of Creativity, Talent and the cost of Fame. The tale winds seamlessly and breathlessly to the last shot.

5. “The Babadook” (Dir: Jennifer Kent).
A superior horror tales that is brilliant in every way. What an amazing first film: Writing, Direction, Cinematography --- pitch-perfect performances.
An amazing film that works on a few different levels.

Sadly, I had to watch it online, as it never got a theatrical release in Buffalo, NY.

6. "Edge of Tomorrow"

7. "Enemy"

8. "Ida"

9. "Into the Woods"

10. "Jodorowsky's Dune"

11. "Locke"

12. "The Immigrant"

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* * * *
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Lead Actor:
Although he won't get recognition in Award Season, my vote goes to Brendan Gleeson for "Calvary". It's a delicate, subtle performance full of humor, sadness, and understanding.

Lead Actress:
Essie Davis for "The Babadook". A marvelous peformance in every way. Her work elevates the film from a simple horror story into other realms. An amazing job.

Supporting Actor:
J.K. Simmons in "Whiplash" -- His amazing work in this role is astounding and thrilling.

Supporting Actress:
Although I loved Patricia Arquette in "Boyhood", I have to give it to Meryl Streep.
Her Witch in "Into the Woods" is one of the best performances of her career,

- - - - -
"Jersey Boys": Nobody wanted "Goodfellas", the musical.

Magic in the Moonlight”: A weak Woody Allen, with a script that needed much revision

Neighbors”: Pointless, unfunny and disappointing

Nightcrawler”: A film trying so hard to be a dark satire. Sadly its ending betrays everything that comes before.

"Snowpiercer": starts out interesting, only to find out that in the last 20 minutes of the film it has absolutely nothing to say.

- - - - -
The Most Fun I had at the Movies This Year"
"Tusk" (Dir: Kevin Smith)
Funny, Disturbing, Outrageous. A totally Entertaining ride!
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